After 3 weeks I’m working at the Down Under Pedicabs based in Cairns I’m starting to get an eye for the customers. Have you ever been walking down the street looking for a taxi in one direction, then from the way a cab pulls slows down and the driver look at you to catch your eye. How did he know you were looking for a cab? Well I still don’t know how this happens but I have now experienced it from the cab driver’s side. After a while you get a sixth sense about exactly which person out of the 100 people walking past you on the esplanade is the one that you need to catch their eye.

I have also started to be able to identify the different kinds of customers that I and the other pedicab drivers run into almost every night. This really is a job where the customer is always right and I am really learning how to give all the different customers the best experience which of course results in the best tips. Here’s a short list that I have made to help myself remember the main ones:

Mr. I’m not really sure where I want to go: this guy is always changing his mind about the destination, this can be really great because every change of heart is a chance to renegotiate the fare.

Mr. I think you should get paid more: you will not believe the tips that some people will give you, particularly if it is a long or heavy ride. Sometimes the best part of your take in a night can be one big tip from one happy customer.

Mr. Everything is an emergency: Everyone in any kind of service role knows this fellow. He is a firm believer that he is the only client you could possibly have and deserves 100 percent of your time. He can be frustrating but this fellow thinks he is very important so if you stroke his ego he will often magically turn into Mr. I think you should get paid more.

Mr. I don’t really care, just go wherever you want: he doesn’t really have a destination but really just wants to go for a ride. He is interested in the novelty of the pedicab and the pedicaber’s job.

Mr. Let’s get the party started: he wants you to put his music on the pedicab speakers and will start to sing loudly. He is a lot of fun and will generally get you more fares by telling everyone you pass how awesome you are.


It’s easy to please everyone on a pedicab….like our boss says, “happiness is a ride in a rickshaw”. Knowing the types of personalities you are working with is important though. If you can master that, you’ll be better prepared to have a happy client… and your take will be better at the end of every night.

Besides the job, last week all the pedicab crew went to hike at the Walsh’s Pyramid mountain. This mountain gets its name because it’s a natural pyramid. It’s situated in the south of Cairns and is 922 metres tall. I have to say it is very, very steep, I think we took 4 hours to climb the mountain. By the time we got to the top I couldn’t feel my legs anymore but the view was worth it. We had a rest for about an hour in the middle of the nature and we really enjoyed the quiet and calm up there. I think it’s a good spot to go if you feel stressed and you need to chill and relax. We took other 3 hours to come back down but when you are with such a great bunch of people you have fun, even though you are tired :)


Next time I will give you some tips for events during the Christmas week so keep on following us! :)

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