Christmas is in the air!! :)

What comes in mind with the word Christmas? Most of us Europeans immediately think about snow, cold, lights and decorations, trees and cribs, hot chocolate and soft blankets.

Have you ever dreamed instead of spending Christmas in a bathing suit, with a little Santa cap and a cold drink in your hands, maybe while you’re on the beach, on a beautiful sunny day, surrounded by greenery and the ocean?

A dream?…..Utopia?……No, I’m talking about a normal Australian day in December. It sounds s like a dream but it’s all true, now I might really understand the common Australian saying “living the Australian dream” … :)

Driving my pedicab around Cairns seen many Christmas parties in the bars and clubs, I’ve had some customers with Santa Claus costumes on that wanted to go around the city. Last week all the riders decided to decorate our pedicabs with lights and Christmas decorations in order to create the magic feeling of this period.

As I mentioned, its summer in Cairns so we will celebrate Christmas at the beach, I think at Holloway beach. Surfing and swimming, having lunch with a barbecue. Apparently, there will be Christmas Carols on at that beach, where hundreds of people will get together and sing Christmas Carols together in the twilight. Most beaches in Australia, especially the most famous and popular, have a barbecue area with a free electric barbecues – “Just bring what you’d like to cook and enjoy!” I would like to try also some typical Australian Christmas food, apparently prawns (or shrimp) and other seafood are very popular. Then there’s the cakes, I’m really curious to try the Pavlova cake, the Christmas Pudding which is apparently often served with an old coin in the bottom, a six-pence from before the decimal currency.

There are also many tours organized for the Christmas period. One that I think is worth mentioned is a visit to Green Island, where a huge buffet is planned for anyone who wants to spend a day on the island. I will go there for sure one day and let you knowhow it is. :)

Now I just want to wish you a Merry Christmas to spend with people you love most and enjoy! :)


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